GUIDELINES for the recall and potential exposure to Hepatitis A from Costco’s Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend – Frozen Berry and Pomegranate Seed Mix

1. If you are between 12 months and 40 years old and have ingested food potentially containing Hepatitis A, it is advised by the CDC to get a vaccine within 2 weeks of ingestion. This can confer an 86% efficacy in preventing the infection.

2. If you are over 40 years old, and have ingested the potentially contaminated food within the last 2 weeks, then get an immunoglobulin shot. If you cannot obtain immunoglobulin due to scarce supply, then get the vaccine.

3. If exposure had been more than 14 days ago, then the CDC recommends testing for Hepatitis A Antibodies IgM and IgG.

4. Note that the Hepatitis A vaccine is a two dose series, an initial dose and a booster 6-12 months later.

Please call your medical doctor for a vaccine or immunoglobulin injection. Currently Steelsmith Natural Health Center does not administer vaccines but we do recommend that you follow these guidelines by the CDC.

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