Office changes and updates to help keep you safe during in-person visits:

To minimize the number of people in our office, only one doctor is in the office at a time, our staff is reduced, and patient visits are limited to one person at a time. All IVs are given in individual treatment rooms, and we request that you don’t bring friends or family unless they need to be present. Our doctors wear masks, gloves, and face shields as needed for your protection, our employees also wear masks, and you are required to wear a mask when you arrive and throughout your visit.

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We educate our patients, support their
ability to heal themselves, and empower
them to take control of their health

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Steelsmith Natural Health Center was founded in 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii. We are dedicated to creating a unique healing environment for our patients and providing the community with the very best in naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and other natural therapies.

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Drs Coles and Steelsmith with Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Dr. Coles and Dr. Steelsmith with Dr. Frank Shallenberger at a 5 day ozone course

Dr. Shallenberger is one of the few, rare, ‘originals’, and his ozone protocols and teachings have become the standard for ozone therapy in the USA.

<h3>Natural Choices Dr. Steelsmith and Dr. Coles trained by Dr. Banno

Dr. Steelsmith and Dr. Coles trained by Dr. Banno

Dr. Banno is a urologist and specialist in PRP for sexual wellness. He is associated with Specialty MED Training.

Dr. Steelsmith and Dr. Coles at ISLA

Doctors Coles and Steelsmith at the International Society for Medical Laser Application Conference

January 2019.

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HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Dr. Steelsmith and Dr. Coles from Steelsmith Natural Health Center to talk more about the power of intravenous nutrient therapy can jump start your recovery.
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HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is with Dr. Laurie Steelsmith and Dr. Kristen Coles from Steelsmith Natural Health Center to talk more about the healing power of natural therapies.
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“The prolozone treatment that you provided for me has done wonders for my hip. When I came to see you six months ago I was seeking treatment for my right hip which was diagnosed with arthritis. I did not have an MRI done, but I suspect that I also had a labral tear as a result of a surfing injury. I could no longer go for runs, I would walk with a limp and at night, my hip would ache to the point that it would prevent me from being able to sleep. I had three treatments done with the prolozone therapy and my hip is doing so much better. I can walk and surf without pain and my hip no longer throbs at night. I am also recovering the lost range of motion that I had. It has been a month since my last prolozone treatment and my hip is feeling great. I am back to walking comfortably and surfing. Thank you so much for helping me to get my normal life back!”

HG, 49, Waialua

“I was hit by a car in 1992. Broken back, broken knee, broken ankle, broken, broken etc. I learned to live with pain, until Dr. Laurie changed my life. I found true help. I was a mess and she said to me “Don’t worry, I know I can help you… and… without meds.” Dr. Laurie will guide you on how to make an informed choice. She is very kind and a good listener and most important she will provide relief. She did me. I’m a new me. I no longer have the pain that I accepted for 37 years. To me this is beyond phenomenal. Dr. Laurie will help you… she doesn’t wear a red cape and jump tall buildings but she sure is a super woman.”

P.K., Honolulu, HI

“I’ve had pain in both of my feet from gymnastics injuries from over 30 years ago. I’ve tried many different treatments, but the prolozone & perineural injection therapy (P.I.T.) has by far worked miracles for me! By the time I get home from the treatment, I walk into my house, and it feels like I have brand new feet. No aches, no pain, new, young feet! I also decided to do the therapy on my neck and shoulder as I have a very tense spot there that often turns into a horrible headache. I haven’t had a headache since! I highly recommend both treatments with Steelsmith Natural Health Center. I feel so grateful that I found something that works for me!”

Nina B., Haleiwa, HI

“Dr. Laurie Steelsmith is an amazing professional. We took our daughter to her and within a few minutes she diagnosed a problem that many other doctors had missed. She is responsive to calls and goes the extra mile for our family. We actually fly over from a different island to see her. That is how much we value her skill. Her staff is also very attentive and follows up quickly to requests. We highly recommend her!”

Big Island Family in Kailua Kona, HI

“I have found Dr. Coles to be very caring, compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable about a wide range of health issues and treatment options. I love that she took the time to order more tests to get a better picture of what I’ve been dealing with when most mainstream doctors I’ve seen over the years never order tests, they just want to look you up and down and make a subjective judgement, throw you some pills and escort you out the door. Seeing Dr. Coles has been a huge relief and complete change from most mainstream doctors.”

Rebecca C.

“I have gone to Dr. Laurie for many years and consider her my Primary Care Physician. She is very knowledgeable about both mainstream and emerging medical treatments, much more so than any MD I have visited. She also takes the time to understand your individual case, and listens to hear the patient’s side of the issues. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a doctor who genuinely cares about her patients and will go the extra mile to help them achieve optimal health and wellness.”

Barbara Brundage in Honolulu, HI

“Dr. Coles took the time to explain to me my test results and took the time to research a medication for me to find a much cheaper alternative as well, which saved me hundreds of dollars. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Coles. This is just the beginning of my journey back to wellness but I’m already so grateful. I feel I have finally found a great doctor. Thank you Dr. Coles!”

Rebecca C.

“Dr Laurie changed my life. She brought me back from chronic lower back pain that took the fun out of my life. I had been to several other doctors without success and she was my last hope. Laurie is an expert on all things Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine. She continually continues to grow and learn new techniques to improve the health and education of her patients. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Fred B. in Haleiwa, HI

“I first went to see Dr. Coles in May of 2013 after being diagnosed with bladder cancer. The first huge point is the amount of time she gave me on my first appointment and all subsequent ones. I usually got somewhere between 5 minutes and 15 minutes if I was lucky with my urologists, surgeons and conventional doctors. My first visit with Dr Coles was almost 90 minutes.”

Steve B.

“I have been a patient of Dr Laurie Steelsmith for over twenty five years. She has excellent understanding of a patient’s need, and takes the time to listen to her patients. Many doctors tell you what is wrong without listening to what you have to say. I have never felt rushed so she can get to her next appointment. She often attends conferences to learn the latest medical procedures. Of the many physicians I have see in my life, I think that Dr Steelsmith is the most caring.”

Steve Chun in Waipahu, HI

“I see Dr. Coles who has been nothing but fantastic and extremely committed to helping me heal my body with natural medicine. We overhauled my entire lifestyle by improving my diet and adding acupuncture into my treatments. I went in with the intent of dealing with this one problem and wound up realizing that it was more than just one thing wrong with my health. Dr. Coles helped me to improve the way I ate and focus on the way food affects my body.”

Lindsey H.

“Dr. Steelsmith is an excellent physician: exceptionally attentive, knowledgeable, up-to-date with research, and thorough in her work. As an experienced naturopath, she often diagnoses and treats problems that M.D.s do not recognize or handle effectively. She’s also great at explaining complicated issues to the rest of us. I have been her patient for 20 years, and I owe much of my good health today to her wisdom and expertise.”

Valerie W. in Honolulu, HI

“Not only was Dr. Coles compassionate and patient (remember I was diagnosed with what I thought was a terminal condition 3 days earlier and really needed someone to hear me out) but she had solid, well backed-up with research, advice. She guided me, provided feedback, supplements to help with various consequences of my treatment, acupuncture and has been a vital part of my health team.

Steve B.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Steelsmith’s for 10 years and I highly recommend her. Unlike most doctors, she spends considerable time with me during each visit. She listens to my health concerns and has recommended laboratory tests to identify underlying health issues that mainstream doctors have been unable to diagnose. My quality of life has improved tremendously due to her expertise and treatment plans. And best of all I’m pursuing a more natural way to stay healthy!”

Ewa Beach, HI

“Dr. Kristen Coles, who in addition to being a wonderful naturopath and acupuncturist, can administer “Myer’s cocktails”. This is an IV to help boost the immune system. I would not have made it through my recent mainland trips without these treatments, especially since I traveled during ?u season. My life has changed for the better; I just wish I had gone there sooner!”

Robin W.

“Dr. Laurie has changed my life! I first went to see her for menopause issues, i.e. insomnia, hot flashes, depression. The treatment that she recommended worked! Then, I sought her help with my Meniere’s disorder, which was life-changing. The most debilitating symptom to deal with was the vertigo, which left me feeling unstable, insecure and useless since I was unable participate in life. Her treatment plan enabled me to be myself again. She is wise, knowledgeable, compassionate, funny & humble.”

Mililani, HI

“I have been working with Dr. Steelsmith for over ten years. I appreciate that I have her undivided attention during my visits. Dr. Steelsmith is a patient listener and regularly shows me that she has my best interest at heart. Dr. Steelsmith has made a difference in my quality of life and supports my personal philosophy of proactive, engaged health care. She continues to help me find the root of my challenges versus just treating symptoms.”

Elizabeth C. in Honolulu, HI